Purchase Orders

We accept purchase orders from public and private K-12 schools in the USA and Canada.

Purchase orders should be issued to:

HighSchoolWebDesign.com LLC
P.O. Box 272582
Fort Collins, CO 80527

Our tax ID# is 82-3018087. If required, you may download a copy of our signed IRS W-9 form here.

If your school or district requires a sole source letter, you may download a copy of our signed Sole Source Vendor Letter here.

To avoid processing delays, please include all the following information in the order:

  1. Quantity, name, and price of each curriculum being ordered:
    Item Description Unit Price
    WD Intro to Web Design $249.00
    HTML5 Intro to HTML5 $169.00
    WP Intro to WordPress $159.00
    US Dollars only. Do not add sales tax or shipping, as these do not apply.
  2. Name of the school to own each license.
    Our licensing is on a per school basis. Once issued, a license is bound to a specific school and cannot be transferred. If more than one physical school will be using a curriculum, each location must acquire a separate license.
  3. Full name and email of the teacher to serve as our contact for each license.
    We will send the initial download link, as well as future product update announcements, to this email address. This contact may be changed or updated at any time in the future.
  4. Email address for the accounting or business office.
    We will send an invoice in PDF format (Net 30) to this address. If your school requires that a printed invoice be mailed instead, please specify this somewhere on the order.

Please make sure the purchase order is signed by an authorized party. Fax the order to 1-888-552-5161 or email it to us.

We generally process orders the same day they are received. However, in rare cases, it might take up to two business days.

NOTE: If your school or district has a separate vendor application to be completed prior to a purchase order being issued, please email or fax the application to us. We will make all efforts to have it completed and returned within one business day.