Teacher Testimonials

We regularly receive feedback from teachers who use our curriculum products in their classrooms. Here are just a few who have generously allowed us to use their name and school affiliation:

“I just wanted to let you know your curriculum is amazing. Professionally, I do both web design and development, and your curriculum is spot on. It hits all the right topics and flows from lesson to lesson perfectly. If I was to write my own curriculum I think it would be a mirror image of yours.”

Craig Moser,
Bethlehem Area Vocational-Technical School (Pennsylvania)

“I am loving this curriculum, as it is so practical. The amount of time you have saved me is stupendous.”

Neil Lindholm,
Sino-Canada High School (Shanghai)

“The curriculum materials provide a logical approach to learning HTML and CSS. The informational presentations and handouts correlate nicely with student projects. The High School Web Design staff is approachable and has been responsive to our inquiries during our pilot year.”

Monica Black,
Bethel High School (Connecticut)

“The newly revised web design curriculum is excellent. I absolutely applaud the idea of teaching hand-coding over Dreamweaver. Two of my students told me it’s their favorite class. One of them even admitted that he disliked it at first but when he stuck with it, something finally clicked, and now it’s his favorite class.”

Joshua Wells,
Worthington Christian High School (Ohio)

“I LOVE this course!! My students and I have learned so much about HTML and we have enjoyed this course immensely.”

Kim Seale,
Summit Christian Academy (Missouri)

“I searched endlessly for good web design lessons for high school students. You were the answer to many hours of frustration. After completing your course materials, our students were creating custom websites for their school teams and clubs – all using hand-coded XHTML and CSS.”

Deborah MacNeil,
West Haven High School (Connecticut)

“I love the XHTML content. I had never taught the information before last year and love the way you set it up. It was very easy to teach and the kids enjoyed the projects that you created.”

Brian Busen,
Cedar Springs High School (Michigan)

“I have to say that the curriculum is great. As a teacher who was asked to teach the class and doesn’t have a lot of web building experience, your curriculum has been a life saver.”

Kyle Paffhausen,
Portage Public Schools (Michigan)

“I am very happy with the course. It was easily worth the money for all the time it saved me from learning and teaching web design for the first time.”

J. Quinn,
Milwaukee Public Schools (Wisconsin)

“The WordPress curriculum is well laid out, easy to follow, and perfect for introducing high school students to WordPress and blogging.”

Brian Todd,
Jefferson County Public Schools (Colorado)

“The High School Web Design Curriculum Pack is easy to follow, organized, and explains things so well for high school students. Keep up the good work!”

Robert Messina,
Commodore Perry High School (Pennsylvania)