Assignment 1: Play Licensing

MTI Shows is a publishing company that owns the rights to many popular plays. Visit their website at and and answer the following questions:

1. What are some plays that MTI owns which you’ve heard of?

2. What are the seven steps you need to follow if you’d like permission to perform one of the shows?

3. What is the difference between owning a play and getting a license for a play?

4. What information is required on the license application form?

5. What are some other publishing companies that you can license a show from?

Assignment 2: Copyright Myths

Go to the website and answer the following questions:

1. Write a 2-3 sentence summary of each of the myths about copyrighting.

Assignment 3: Creative Commons License

Visit the website This is the actual text of the Creative Commons license. In your own words, what are people allowed to do and not allowed to do under the creative commons license?

Assignment 4: Software Piracy in China

Intellectual Property theft is a big problem in China. Visit the website and answer the following questions:

1. How much are Chinese paying for pirated versions of Microsoft Windows?

2. What other property is being counterfieted in China?

3. Why is this a problem for Microsoft, and how is Microsoft trying to solve the problem?

4. Do Chinese people go to jail for stealing copyrighted material?

5. How much money did the software industry lose due to piracy in China?

Assignment 6: In Your Own Words

In your own words:
How has the copyright law benefited society and the economy? What would you change about the copyright law, given the rapid growth of the internet?

Assignment 7: Group Discussion or Essay Questions

Image what would happen if illegal music sharing was taken to its logical conclusion, where all music was free. Consider this situation and answer the following questions:

1. How would publishing companies be affected and how would they respond?

2. How would consumers be affected and how would they respond?

3. Overall, would this be good or bad for society? Why?

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