Final Project Analysis

Note: the following material is from an older, outdated version of the web design curriculum pack. Please read about the revised and updated version of our Introduction to Web Design Curriculum.


At the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Analyze how your website will meet the requirements you established in the first phase of the project.

Analyzing the Problem

Stage 1 (5 points)

Create a list of the pages your website will have, along with a brief description of what will be on each list. Make sure that each of the requirements you came up with earlier can be accomplished on one of the pages of your website.

Stage 2 (5 points)

Research your topic. Create a list of 10 websites that you will use as sources of information for your website.

Stage 3 (15 points)

Write the text of each page that you listed in Stage 1. Don’t worry about adding pictures or hyperlinks to the text yet.


Create a new folder called Final Project. Type this assignment in Microsoft Word and save it as Analysis.


Component Possible Points Score
The analysis includes a list of at least five pages. 2
The analysis lists at least 10 credible sources 3
The text for each page is complete 5
The project was submitted on time (20% off for each day late)
Total Score 10

For full projects and source code, download the updated version of our Introduction to Web Design Curriculum.