Equipment Inventory

Note: the following material is from an older, outdated version of the web design curriculum pack. Please read about the revised and updated version of our Introduction to Web Design Curriculum.


At the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create nested tables
  • Apply CSS styles to specific parts of a table or body.


1. Create an XHTML web page that looks like this:



Component Possible Points Score
The heading and table are both centered 2
The body uses a gradient background image 2
The web page uses a sans serif font such as Arial, Verdana, or Tahoma 2
The first row has the following styles:
* The font is bold, centered, and larger than the rest of the text* There is a background image
* The top row is tall enough to display the entire background image
The second row has the following styles:
* Text is bold and centered within each column
* The background color is yellow
Nested tables are used properly to display the manufacturer and model in the same column 2
All content is complete 2
Hyperlinks go to the manufacturers’ websites 3
The last row in the table has the following properties:
* The text is centered and italic
* The row is slightly taller than what is needed to display the text
The project was submitted on time (20% off for each day late)
Total Score 20

For full projects and source code, download the updated version of our Introduction to Web Design Curriculum.